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EPIGRAPHY: Acknowledgements, Feedback, Sequels

October 21, 2011
Posted at 9:38 pm

I have completed posting Epigraphy, and I am happy to say that it's now the most popular of my stories, by download counts. Thank you!

I wanted to acknowledge the folks who helped make the story better -- BachGen and Gray Sapien edited the story, and Proxy Account helped me with some of the science. A number of others reported errors, suggested improvements, or helped proofread portions of the story. Thank you very much. The remaining errors are my fault -- I am still getting a few reports that I need to address.

The reaction seems to be vigorous, but mixed. Some people liked it, and have been very kind with their words. I am flattered!

A few people suggested (politely) that they didn't care for the story. Others felt that the ending was too abrupt and spoiled the story.

A somewhat larger contingent said that while they liked the story, the ending came too soon, and could I write a sequel about the interesting characters and the universe? I must say the latter response is really flattering. I am glad people want to see more of my universe, but I must admit that I am still trying to figure out a good plot for a sequel. Those who read or watch a lot of sequels know that a story of *getting* something is quite different than *keeping* it; whether the something is a girl (or two), money, prestige, or ancient secrets.

Still, your ideas for a sequel are very welcome, whether through email or my forum, at

Finally, some of you sent me interesting ideas or questions, but left your email blank or possibly corrupt (causing my response to bounce). If you don't receive a response from me in a couple of days, please try emailing me again, or post it on the forum. Assuming you want a response, of course.