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Response to Never Too Late

October 21, 2011
Posted at 3:55 pm

The last couple of weeks has surpassed my wildest expectation. I honestly did not expect the level of email response to a story that was almost thrown together in just a few weeks. The comments have been both good and critical but I welcome them all, glad to have elicited such an emotional response to my characters. I am still revising future chapters as I attempt to provide the degree of realism that everybody seems to expect, and hoping that my resolution will prove acceptable.

I was hoping to work on my latest opus, Symbiosis, but instead find myself struggling with some intense dialogue in chapter 14. Several heavy scenes have been deleted and the story code 'lght' probably no longer applies as I target the story to what I hope will be a more mainstream audience.

If there is sufficient interest, I may look at ways to make the original story available but for now, there are only plans to publish the revised version.

As the story nears its conclusion towards the end of the month, I will start to publish the first chapters of my new story, Future Perfect.

In a return to a mild SF genre, it tells the tale of a womanising scientist whose experiments with stasis go awry, and he wakes up 200 years in the future. The idyllic civilisation in which he finds himself soon turns sour and he is forced into a conflict that will threaten the very fabric of their society.

Once again, a very big thanks to everyone that has taken time to write me and look forward to receiving more of your views over the next couple of weeks as the story continues to unfold.

Best Wishes