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October 20, 2011
Posted at 10:28 pm


slave has spent weekend with Master's new alpha slave and this slave's new Mistress. slave greeted Mistress as She came through the door, naked and on her knees. it said as directed "Good afternoon Mistress.Thank you for allowing me to serve you and may this slave serve you to your satisfaction." Then it achieved worship position. When asked to demonstrate it;s willingness to submit (this was all predetermined ritual)slave laid on it's back and spread it's legs in knee chest for it's Mistress.

She was not demanding this weekend, but Master and Mistress spent time together as slave kept house, cooked and was retired to the garage to wait until needed.

slave requested permission to speak and this angered Him for some reason. slave informed now that it may no longer speak, not ask permission to speak unless it is literally life or death. slave is only to speak 3rd person forever to emphsize it's subhuman-ness, is not to request speech but to take a "vow of silence" speaking only when Master or Mistress gives it advanced permission, aka offers it a chance to speak. It is neither to make facial expressions to indicate a preference. Master has purchased the hood slave will wear in increasing increments until it learns to wear all the time. This is to separate any sense of human-ness from the property of the Owner. The body slave is residing in will be emphasized as it'a only usefulness and attributes and THAT belongs not to a slave, but to the Owners. Typing is a little harder through the eye holes, but not too bad. slave will be severely punished if it speaks out of turn. What? No clue yet. If it has an orgasm that is not authorized, it will be punished by being tortured genitally. Master will play harshly with His propery, His toy clit, cunt and tits-so slave will be careful of accidents!

It will be hard to not speak or ask to especially. To silently accept all, and to have no facial expressions- communication from slave is cut off almost entirely. But it is what it can expect if it is to be an appliance. Appliances don't talk back, make desires known, nor do anything other than what it is used for.