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Would this be an interesting setting for a story?

October 13, 2011
Posted at 10:43 pm
Updated: October 14, 2011 - 10:57 am

Here is just a few notes I dashed down as the foreshadowing to a story.

It would be told from the perspective of a girl who believes everything (initially) she is told from her corporate news outlet. It is set in an alternative universe a few years in the future when America has had a civil war of some kind and she lives in the South.

Here her news outlet tells her that all their ideas are great (even though they've made things worse) and that males are superior to women.

This is really sort of window dressing for a story about a 'Norman Rockwell' inspired family in this environment. It would have elements of BDSM/Dolcett and incest.


Everyone knows that right around 2012 things started to change rapidly in America. The Tea Party Movement seceded from the union and they want back to the Original Constitution as the basis for their new nation "Real America". My Homework assignment was to write about all the changes like how now only citizen land holders can vote and how the right to life movement protects women from having choices about their reproductive system and that "Liberal America" (Yankees) are godless atheists who worship President Soros at gay mosques of inequity.

I don't think people want to read reams of information about all this ancient history and politics when it is all common knowledge on Fox News which reports the official government stance on all of these facts. I was just a little girl when the great schism with Liberal-America occurred and I am sixteen now and it seems like it must have always been this way to me.
I checked all my information on the Fox Ministry of Factual Information and I am just going to make some bullet points before I start on my homework.

--Liberal America wastes their time trying to invent new technologies and fuel services because their a scheme by scientists to force everyone to go green to bankrupt their country. Here in Real America we stuck with the things that always worked - Ford Trucks and conservative values.
Unfortunately, Gas has become so expensive that now most families have resorted to alternative means of transportation like the horse and buggy.
--The birth rate is 80% females to 20% males over the last two decades and Fox News assures us this is god's will and not some evolutionary malfunction like the scientists in Liberal America would have you believe.

--Being Gay has been outlawed to protect marriage.
--Our laws were simplified to permit the job creators to flourish without paying taxes and unburdened by regulation. Unfortunately, Liberal America was not satisfied to let us flourish and have been hindering us which is why the economy has not improved since the Schism began.
At the same time, the Yankee states of Liberal America added regulation to protect their workforce and restrict corporations. They make Corporations (job creators) pay taxes and are now making it appear as this has actually made their economy boom but we all know it is simply a smoke-screen for their socialist tactics.
--Under President Beck's 6-6-6 plan the laws that govern our life are as the founding fathers intended and based primarily on the Christian Bible. It was God's will that man be the head of the household and that women be subservient.
The Founding Fathers did not permit women to vote or hold office, and we have returned to that simpler time.

Our immigration policy was tightened to 'Shoot on sight' which meant that cheap labor from Mexico was no longer available to drive our primarily agricultural industries. Add to that the price of Gas being too high to operate farms with machinery and there was a need for a cheap source of labor.

The Slavery Reforms of 2016 were introduced in the tradition of the founding fathers when the plantation system flourished in our Country.

In order not to appear racist, blacks are not required to participate in the program unless convicted of a crime.
Due to the low birth rate of males, males are not required to participate in the program unless convicted of a crime.
Women making up the majority of the population are not excluded unless their household makes over $500,000 a year (because they are job creators, obviously) or under special scholarship programs for straight A students (who go on to be married).
Unfortunately, I am neither a straight A student or is our family rich.
We are simple people who live just outside Macon Georgia in a rustic town called Rockwell. Our house is the traditional American Dream two-story split level home with white picket fence and a tire swing in the front yard.
My Dad makes a good living working for the Government (but he assures me that is not Socialism) and my Mom was obviously born after the cut-off period for girls to have to register with slave services for evaluation so she is a free-woman (lucky her!).

My older sister Tawny is a senior in High School, she is athletic and outgoing.
My younger sister Jessica is a freshman and we have high hopes that with her good grades and academic achievement she'll be excluded from the registry.
Her twin brother Justin is also a freshman and he is mischievous but aren't all boys?

The story would focus on this family, and include elements from Dolcett style stories, but where it is preferable to end up assigned to a life of submission than to end up dinner.

It would have some sort of disclaimer that I don't want to get into debates about the truthfulness or factuality of Fox/Liberal news outlets. The story is just the perspective of this girl and requires some suspension of disbelief. There would probably be a little tongue in cheek with parallels to today's world.

As an example of the type of scenario:

I was going to have the dad be the typical TV land version of Norman Rockwell's dad. His job is down at the re-education center to process young slaves incidentaly. He is a good dad but a harsh taskmaster at work.

His eldest is getting old enough that she has to register with slave services. Due to her cheer leader good looks and such it isn't looking good for her.

"Dad, is Tawny going to have to be a pleasure slave?"

"Well son, it's better than working the fields, or ending up Dinner, now I want you to stop feeding your sister scraps under the table."

"But dad, it's hilarious"

"I know but she has six months until she reports to processing and she needs to get on a diet of strictly gruel.....Tawny, stop encouraging your brother to feel sorry for you. If you don't take this seriously it will go rough on you at processing..."