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October 13, 2011
Posted at 1:17 am


Owner has decided slave will follow a specific schedule. it no longer must lick shoes every morning. it must get up at a certain time and will find out more when He has completed the schedule.

Master is loaning slave to a Domme Halloween to be used in a scene at a very large party. Master and Domme will know how slave will be tortured. slave will (as far as slave knows) not be told, but will find out the hard way.

This Domme is known for Her sadism and once used a stun gun on her sub's cock and balls for 1/2 hour and burned out an electric fly swatter on another. Soooooo......slave is both excited and pensive.
it hopes it gets whipped as She is very good with a whip and slave begs to be whipped with blood drawn. Knowing slave can take the maximum with a whip this may be the scene focus- but the Domme has many things She can use, from needles, knives, fire, whips, caging, suspension and who knows.

On Halloween slave knows it will be pretty big,with a larger group than usual and a night that encourages extremes.