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Older stories getting some editing for ASSTR site

October 12, 2011
Posted at 5:49 pm

"If The Spirit Is Willing" is quickly becoming the most read story of mine, which is fun... especially after how "Ghosts of Fort Niagara" was ignored. With luck the eventual ending will satisfy...

I'm currently having Scifi Nut use his editing skills on the three older stories of mine he hasn't touched yet. Man, do they need them. To be honest, this isn't for you guys, although they will be reposted here (new Tip a Canoe and Taylor Too is up). I set up an account at ASSTR a month or three ago but haven't moved in yet, and figured I should clean those guys up before doing that. I plan on keeping things up to date on both sites, especially as The Waifs doesn't fit in there. Should be interesting: I haven't had a web page in... well over 15 years, and even then used a WYSIWYG program. This sucker will have to be made using iWeb, for all its probable faults