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October 12, 2011
Posted at 11:14 am

I'm quite happy with how the first two chapters have formatted on the site, so I'll be queueing up the other chapters later today or tomorrow. I'll schedule the next chapter for this Friday, then every Monday, Wednesday and Friday thereafter.

As it turns out, the method I had planned to use to generate the HTML from the xml in the smashwords generated epub file produced some strange results - most noticeably it was inserting a paragraph mark into the text every time I had used italics (you know, for emphasis)

So I've had to go back to my source MS Word file and generate html from there using copy and paste. It's a pain, but I don't suppose I have much choice if I want the thing to look right.

I'm happy for another reason too. I've had a bunch of very positive comments from readers so far - so thank you for that. I've even had people be kind enough to tell me that I'd hooked them in so much straight away that they didn't want to wait and did indeed go off and buy the ebook. So, again, thank you for that.

I'll go away and queue up the other chapters now.