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October 12, 2011
Posted at 1:34 am


slave have been informed a Domme will use it in a Halloween scene. urg! it will be fine. She uses a whip (not a flogger) so slave will probably get the whipping of it's life. slave kneeled properly on the Domme's floor as Master and she spoke. Floor is very clean, gladly as slave is always naked and would not be too comfortable on a dirty floor.

Not much today other than that. slave has a regular day. it performed it's daily training licking Master's shoes clean to a polish. slave has been trying to memorize the new upcoming rules. slave knows it will be probably punished if it fails. Master, strangely is not reminding slave, so perhaps He is expecting the slave to forget and be able to punish it for the Mistresses entertainment. slave will learn the list and practice.