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Thank you for the support SOL!!

October 11, 2011
Posted at 6:49 pm

What a great community.

I seldom get feedback, but when I do it is usually constructive. I've been fortunate that some great authors have taken an interest in my writing and been kind enough to offer my guidance and even editing.

Today I got a 'nasty gram' from someone and to vent I posted it as a blog. I was glad to hear from many people in support, thank you so much!

It turns out this particular person has sent at least one other similar email (complete with '50 foot crane' analogy) to one other person here. I suspect he is just an angry crank who gets off on peeing on other people's work.

I am not going to stop writing. I did get some really asanine feedback in the past and I stopped writing for over a year because of some dumb comments.

I think constructive feedback doesn't mean a person has to blow smoke/only say good things. I just don't think it has to be super negative either. It should focus on improving.

-Identify the problems -then offer a solution.

-Tell them what they are doing right so they keep doing that.

Be very specific about the quotes and parts of the story that fall into either categories. That is very useful.

A person wrote to me to tell me they were waiting to read Family Feud when it was 'finished'.

One of the main reasons I split up FF into 'books' by the way was that I felt each one sort of is a story arc, so a person could read that 'book' to conclusion and feel it had an 'ending'.

No stories really end, we just stop telling them.

Once they ride off into the sunset - more stuff happens.

I've been told that FF1 is a *VERY* different story than the rest. I agree and I think it was risky that it is 'femdom' with the ladies getting over on the men.

The main reason I did that as an author is I wanted to make it that much more satisfying when the tables were turned.

I write the kind of stories I would like to read. Those are rare and I some times like to write to other people and give them feedback. I encourage you to write feedback to me if you have the time - as long as it is constructive.