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Yeah well, I’d better explain myself.

October 11, 2011
Posted at 12:45 pm

I haven't been writing much (if anything) of late. We have had a reasonable summer this year and… well, I had to get on with some stuff that didn't get done last year because the weather it was so foul.

As most folks know, my active days are somewhat shorter than most peoples so there was little in the way of energy left to do much else. Yes, typing does use a surprising amount of energy, and besides after undertaking a little strenuous physical work, my arms and hands hurt too much to bash away ion this keyboard. Besides that, I kept falling asleep. Folks who know ME will probably understand where I'm coming from here.

But the summer now seems to be over and as my pal in Alabama appears to have gotten (American word that bugger, still don't sound or look right to me; so what's new?) his finger out and posted a couple of new tales. I figure that I'd better get down to some serious writing myself. And thereby hangs a big problem!!!!!

It would appear that some forgetful old bugger, has lost all his proofreaders email addresses… Don't ask, please? It's embarrassing enough to say that I've er… well I've managed to effectively delete my email and address book folders… again!!!!

Therefore I humbly request that the folks who were on my proof-reader list (and who wish to remain on it) and anyone else who wishes to join the afflicted… please send me your email addresses again ASAP.