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October 11, 2011
Posted at 3:02 am


slave is back. slave was punished and away from internet for a couple of days. Sorry. it will be required to continue speaking in 3 rd person indefinitely.
General routine. slave waits for Master to awaken. Then it kneels waiting for next order. To worship His cock or ass up and lick clean the pair of shoes He has put out for slave to train with.First slave makes breakfast and then as Master eats, slave entertains Him with shoe training. slave must even lick the soles, then brush it's teeth. Master leaves for work.

Breakfast for slave. Master's table scraps and cereal, then chores as assigned. Dinner ready for Him when He gets home.

Master arrives home. Master calls slave and lets slave know if it is to greet Him on it's knees or standing at attention, legs apart for Master's access or other position.

Master eats, then slave eats.

Master let slave know Mistress will be coming to spend a weekend.

slave is told that it may leave the dynamic now or forfeit all of it's rights. Master reminds slave that it desires to be a completely debased slave, basically reduced to a high maintenance appliance. Master points out that this is also what He and Mistress would like. Choose.
it chooses to stay.

slave is ordered to repeat after it's Owner the following- as a way to ensure slave understands the consensuality of the situation.

1) slave will be gradually removed from human status and eventually allowed no comforts other than that needed for health and safety. No television, no unauthorized books. Limited internet, perhaps none.

2) slave will be kept when not in use in storage and shackles. Emergency release will be available, but all clothes and linens will be locked when Master and Mistress are gone to deter slave from leaving on a whim.
3) slave continues to own nothing including itself or clothing. it will continue, if required to leave to wear a long t shirt, belt and no panties. a suitcase of emergency clothes will be kept by the Owner.

4) slave will no longer be allowed to walk in house at any time, but required to crawl. Only household tasks will allow standing or walking briefly.This will serve to emphasize slave's servitude and inferiority to it's Owners. If an Owner enters slave will bow on floor immediately to avoid punishment and to show it is submitting properly.

5) slave will be micromanaged all weekend to prepare it for when the Mistress moves in. it will be allowed no independent movement and will be caned on it's bare bottom for offenses by the Mistress.

6)slave may not complain. Period. it forfeits all rights to complain or to any particular treatment. it is subject to the will and pleasure of it's Owners entirely.

7) slave is to never touch itself for pleasure, not masturbate or have an orgasm without Master or Mistress offering it to slave. slave may not request permission. If slave is given permission to masturbate, it must do so until the point of orgasm, but not to orgasm unless that gift has been also offered. If slave fails to stop in time, and it is alone, it must confess for genital torture punishment.

slave is to memorize this and repeat back to it's Owners by the weekend.
More will be added. slave feels very sexually excited by this. it will learn the new rules and submit in joy. A debased slave has been it's goal all along and now it may be coming. Some trepidation as slave does not know if it will work over the long term but it hopes so. it loves referring to itself as "it" and is looking forward to be further reduced in status in serving another slave and demeaned to a subhuman object.