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WebMaster rules No more of my stories to be posted here

October 9, 2011
Posted at 8:36 pm

Due to a change in policies at this website, my stories, based on content, are no longer welcome and the webmaster so informed me. This was done professionally and I have no gripes. This is their website, not mine and they get to chose what you see here. Evidently it will not be mine.

Now in all fairness, no one asked me to remove what I have here. I was just told my new submission was no welcome and would not be posted.

I have for the very first time created an account on ASSTR and can be found at

I have posted all the current stories that I had previously posted here. ALL NEW postings will go there.

I wish to point out that I have enjoyed using this site. ASSTR is a royal pain compared with SOL. In my case, I simply had no choice. I was told that to post something here I needed to write something else. That just doesn't work... no offense intended to the webmaster.

What happens to my postings on this site are still unclear to me. Thanks to all of you who read my work and rewarded me with the complements of high scores I consistently received.

It was greatly appreciated and spurred me on to offer you more.