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October 9, 2011
Posted at 2:29 am


Nothing special today. Grocery shopping for Him. Has to report some of His brands not available.

After getting home, slave required to practice shoe licking. It is getting easier and slave hope this means the practice will be done with soon.

slave told to to get it's manual and read the punishments for disrespecting the Mistress when She arrives. slave expected to memorize them all.

it must determine to behave properly or face much discomfort and possible release. Master knows this is a significant challenge which is why He is starting slave long before She comes.

To "acclimatize" slave to it's new rules so slave will have a good chance to succeed in it's submission and the Mistress will be ushered into Her position without conflicts.
slave knows there are many poly houses and will be reading about them when it can to better prepare.