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October 7, 2011
Posted at 3:59 am

10/6/2011 #2

Not much today. Master is tired tonight.slave was taught ass up position for other services than anal fucking. This is knees and elbows. Master watched television while slave was trained to lick His shoes thoroughly in this position. This started off very hard and gross but after a couple of pairs, slave got more used to it. Master saw it struggle at first. slave will lick the pair He will wear each day from now on. slave will expected to "spit polish" the Mistresses shoes for Her and slave must learn how before Her arrival as slave will be keeping Her shoes, purses, clothes all clean and ready to wear. Funny, it will be responsible for the clothes and shoes, purses of it's Owner and it's Mistress, yet is allowed no property of it's own and is forbidden except in extreme circumstances to ever wear clothing or shoes. So it will be cleaning and folding and hanging up clothes and polishing shoes and purses while naked, shoeless and owning nothing at all. Then once the house is clean, the bed made and lunch served, the slave will be stored in it's cage out of the way, in the basement or garage (whichever He determines when it comes and assembled) until time to make dinner, unless otherwise given a task.