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Tutelam Venit : Book 1 - A Good Man - Coming Soon to SOL

October 6, 2011
Posted at 7:20 am

So, having switched on this internal SOL blog to promote my new book, I suppose I'd better give you a few details about it.

Obviously, I don't want to give too much away at this point, but for any book to be successful the writer needs to generate some excitement and anticipation around its arrival, right? Even here on SOL. And to do that you need to let people know what it's about.

So then, let's see just how much I can tell you without giving away the book's secrets.

First of all, this is the first in a series of three planned books. That may change - it may increase to four, it really depends on how much detail the characters allow me to write. But right now, it's supposed to be a trilogy. The series title, Tutelam Venit, is Latin (or it is according to Google Translate) and means "Coming of Age" (or it does according to Google Translate. Wait, I already said that). So that tells you what the series is about, right? It's a 'classic' coming of age story. Sort of.

The protagonist is, when we join the story, a seventeen year old named Paul Robertson. He narrates the story in first person and lives in the small town of Micester (as he tells us, it's pronounced "Mister as in Mr Smith" not "My Cester") in Westmouthshire (If you've followed my last couple of books published by Phaze, you'll know all about my Westmouthshire universe). Micester is a town divided. It's dominated by a factory that directly employs a great number of the town's residents as well as indirectly supporting many of the other businesses in the town. The "Townies" are those people that actually live in the town and tend to of lower income (and so lower 'class') that the "Villagers" who live in the much more affluent small villages that surround the town.

Problem now is that if I go into much more detail about Paul and his situation at the start of the book, I'm into the territory of giving away secrets. The thing about coming of age stories is that it's as important to discover what the protagonist is like at the start of the story, as it is to learn about the events that make up the plot and how they shape him into the man he is to become. So by telling you something about Paul at age seventeen, I'm giving away some the secrets that you really need to discover for yourself when you read the book.

What I can say is that the event that really kicks off the story is when Paul 'comes to the rescue' of one the Villagers of his own age - a girl named Clarissa who is the heir to the factory empire. Will this 'rescue' alter his relationship with her (not that he had a relationship with her at all to start with)? Will it alter the social order of things in the town? The answer to both those questions is clearly "Yes" or we wouldn't have a story, but it's how that central relationship develops that is the key driving force of the plot of this first book in the series.

I'll also go on to say that the ending is not what most people will expect and I wouldn't be surprised if it upsets a few people. But it is necessary in order for me to set up the second and, ultimately, the third books.

It's taken me longer than I thought it would, but I've really enjoyed writing this book. It's the first thing I've written in a while from first person perspective and it was an interesting experience getting inside Paul's head and allowing him to talk through me. Hopefully I've done a good job of giving him a distinctive and sympathetic voice.

Right now, I'm at the editing stage. I've got 21 fo the 49 chapters left to edit and then I can set a posting date. It's my intention to 'advance post' the story so that the chapters get added to the posting queue three times a week, probably Monday, Wendnesday and Friday - although that's not certain yet. It will, therefore be a sixteen week ride as the serial unfolds. Who's with me? If you are, hold on tight, it'll get a little bumpy.