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October 6, 2011
Posted at 3:02 am

10/5/11 evening entry

Master called His slave to His computer room.After handcuffing slave tightly face down, He used a Singapore Stinger on slave. It was a challenge to submit in appropriate silence and when He was spent, to thank Him. Then He changed The handcuffs to behind slave's back and played with His toy clit with pliers, pulling slave, making a game of jerking His toy clit up and slave having to keep up or OW! He couldn't find the candle.

He used His slave and then let slave know, it no longer was going to have it's name. it would merely be known as slave, or it.

He ordered the cage today that will be His slave's storage place when not in use after the new slave arrives next year. This slave will be placed in it for short periods when it arrives that will get longer to train. it will require assembly so it will be a while before slave will be trained for this.

This slave requested that it be objectified, turned into an appliance, be stripped of all of it's dignity and be degraded to a sub human level. it doesn't know if this will be okay forever, but now it seems like it.

Master had slave kneel down and listen to it's punishment if it shows the new alpha slave disrespect. The new slave will have authority over this slave and to be treated as it's Mistress. The new slave will remain clothed except in the bedroom to maintain Her position in the household above slave. It will serve as an announcement to visitors and a hierarchical reminder to slave that it is least and it is to obey Mistress.
That slave has no rights, no privacy and no right to the dignity of clothing. it is there to be ogled, be groped by it's Owner, and be humiliated as it suits them and to maintain the proper order of authority. slave has none.
For the first offense slave will be required to lick the Mistresses clit for 10 minutes. If the Mistress has an orgasm, slave must stop and start over. Each offense will add 5-10 minutes of licking.
slave is straight so this IS a punishment and very humiliating.
If the Owner, Master witnesses a flagrant, willful disobedience or disrespect to Mistress in anything, slave will be given 3 choices.
1)Release from enslavement.
2)May be sold at auction WITH the stipulation that the new Master describe him or herself as very strict and harsh.
3) Perform analingus to Mistress and thrust it's tongue deep into the Mistresses anus and leave it there for a set amount of time. If the slave withdraws, the time starts over from the beginning.
Master has had slave write this into it's manual and also the diary.
slave is seeing it is being trained into the deepest humiliation to reduce it to the appliance it wished for and to submit well. Master is very happy to have the alpha slave who will be more of a companion to Him.
This slave has always wanted degradation and dismissal from being a human with rights.
He does not want slave to cause a problem for the new slave but to do all housework and cooking etc to please it's new Mistress and therefore please Master.
The new slave will sleep in Master's bed, eat with Master while slave will not. slave will eat alone on the floor when the other's are finished.

That is about all. Didn't think it would have anything much today, but then He started setting more ground rules so slave will be ready for the pleasure of Master and the new slave. Even though it is pleasing and hot, it is also very extreme and will take time to absorb the reality.