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Turning on the SOL Internal Blog - For Now

October 5, 2011
Posted at 5:40 pm

I've decided I'm going to turn on my SOL internal blog for a few months. I normally maintain a blog at, and this was set as an external blog on the site, meaning there was a link to it on my SOL author page.

The disadvantage of having an external blog at SOL though, is that the feed doesn't appear on your author page and the blog entries don't show up on the 'Blogs' page on the site.

So, since I'm getting very, very close to the release of my next book, I'm turning on the SOL blog in an attempt to let more people on the site know about it. I'll be self-publishing the book through Amazon & Smashwords, hopefully to the same high standard that Phaze wanted for my last few books, but I'll also be posting the story here on SOL as a serial.

Why? I hear you ask. Surely that'll lose you money? Well, let me explain.

First off, let me be clear, when I first submitted "Charlotte's Secret" to Phaze for publication, it was nothing to do with money. It's never been about money for me. Yes, there was that 'ego' thing to think that I'd written something good enough for a 'real' publisher to want to publish. But for me, it was about reaching a wider audience. SOL is, to some extent, a closed shop. By publishing through Phaze, I thought I'd be opening up my work to a new audience via the popular e-book stores.

Did it work? Maybe. The people that have bought copies for my four Phaze books probably aren't members of SOL. But by the same token, I doubt many SOL members have read my Phaze books - or at least not as many as have read "Reunion". When I reposted "Reunion" to SOL earlier this year, it was read by more people that bought any of my Phaze books, no question about that. Interestingly, when I reposted "Reunion" I did so as a serial, chapter by chapter, and at the same time I released the book through Smashwords and Amazon Direct Publishing(ie, Kindle), with a note on SOL after each chapter that, should the reader wish, they could get the whole thing without having to wait.

And I sold a fair few copies of the book through both platforms. I also shifted a few copies of all my other books as well.

So that's what I'm going to do again. Publish the book in its entirety for purchase, while posting it chapter by chapter on SOL.

So, the reason for turning on the SOL internal blog for the next couple of months is to promote the upcoming posting of this new book and respond to any general reader feelings while it's being posted.