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October 5, 2011
Posted at 4:40 am


Today Master tied slave down and used the Wartenburg pinwheel on it, including the cunt He owns. He told slave that He is going to get body paint and try the pinwheel to see if it makes a colorful design. If it does slave will be taken naked to a play party He takes slave to and will tie it down on it's back, with a gag and blindfold and allow the entire party to paint the slave with the pinwheel. That sounds SO hot to slave!!

He is also going to provide paintbrushes for others to use. He will be the only one to pinwheel the cunt. He may allow other to use the brush there.

This slave must be trained to expect people to use slave at the behest of it's Owner with slave having no say and be calm and cheerful. Displaying only gratitude for serving and being given the gift of it's purpose. Submitting to all Master and eventually also Mistress decrees.

Master has determined the punishment tiers for any disrespect or disobedience displayed to the Mistress when She comes to live with Master.

slave must go now- Master has awakened and wishes to use it.