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October 4, 2011
Posted at 2:23 am

10/3/11 3rd entry

slave had a pleasant surprise. it was flogged for a while to Bach and Ozzy. Then it's Owner used it and gave it a gift of an orgasm. :D

Master and slave had a long talk after as Master wants slave to learn some serious new things.

1) An alpha slave will be coming after the holidays in 2012. She will be slave's domininant as well and given the same liberties in Master's absence as a co-Owner of slave. She will be referred to as Ma'am, Mistress and given the right to punish slave but must clear this through Master before doing.

2) slave will be introduced to her online cam with slave naked except a hood.

3) slave will be trained to pleasure a female with it's mouth.

4) slave will submit and respect alpha slave as it would Master, though defer to Master more.

5) slave will be trained to live in a hood or mask 24/7. This is to train and then remind slave it is an object. a sex tool and work horse.

6) it is to look at itself in the mirror 8 times a day. Upon arising, before and after each meal and at bedtime with hood in place and contemplate for 5 minutes that the tits, mouth, cunt and anus are all that matters and belongs to Master. All the rest is extraneous, but also Master's property. The only time it may remove hood will be for bedtime and showers and when alone in it's storage cage in warm weather.

7) Storage cage to be built before alpha slave's arrival. slave will then not be allowed to sleep on Master's bed or floor.

8) slave will begin to be trained to submit to a woman by a woman Mistress trainer(s) and to crawl in the home except for performing duties requiring standing.

slave will be severely punished if it shows disrespect to the Mistress. If Master witnesses it, it will be even more severe.

Master will inform slave later when He determines what the deterrent for disrespect will be. He wants the alpha slave to be pleased here and this slave will be trained to see that it is not a cause of problems but a pleasing slave.

there will be put in place gradually over the next 6 months so slave may adapt to so many changes.