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October 3, 2011
Posted at 4:04 pm

Diary of slavehood

slave is not certain whether to use the blog as a diary or stories. it will start here with shorter entries to log the progress. If longer due to explanations or descriptions it will go to stories.

Day one of new diary 10/3. Day is half over. 1 PM. slave requests Master release it from night-time bondage to begin day. When Owner enters room, slave is to spread legs so He may see it's cunt immediately. He smiled when He opened the door as slave is well trained to this protocol. He fondled the cunt He owns noted it was well wetted, and climbed on slave and fucked it very quickly as there is work to be done as well. Then He undid the handcuffs. slave was not permitted an orgasm this time.

After breakfast, slave was told to insert a medium butt plug and clean the bathroom and toilet. Butt plug removed after, then slave took 1st shower of the day. Then laundry to put away. slave made lunch for Owner. Now slave may have lunch after diary entry. Soup and salad and cheese. Owner has decided there will be no more eating of beef or pork. slave submits to this as it has no right to disagree or disobey.