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September 29, 2011
Posted at 4:18 pm

Two New Postings

Hello Everyone,

I just finished uploading two new files. Chapter 6 of Olivia's "I Dream of Tweenie" story, which is incredibly long, sorry; and a new story, kind of. If you are familiar with Wetfly6969's work, you'll know that he has a vast collection of stories he's written covering a very wide range of subjects. His most recent story "Surrogate Lovers" grabbed me in a way that no story has in a long time. He posted the first three chapters in quick succession and when I had finished the three, I was left wanting so much more!

I can't explain why, but I felt compelled to keep the story going and I lacked the patience to wait for it. I started writing and didn't stop until I had about 50,000 words written which included an ending that gave me closure. Wetfly6969 loved the story and gave me permission to post what I'd completed. Here it is for you to enjoy!