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rolling along

September 27, 2011
Posted at 8:23 pm

some of your comments are very interesting. It is pleasant to know how some of you react to the situations in my stories.

I've had more than one comment, though, that I haven't put enough stress in the lives of my characters. I get torn about this. I'm writing out of MY fantasies, and seriously, folks, how many of you have disasters in your FANTASIES?

but okay, I realize that I am writing stories, and a little adversity builds interest and reveals more about the characters, how they react, how they fit together.

So I'm trying... Based on one of your comments, I had to toss together chapter eight of Christina. I've gotten Dan's daughter into the Nina story. And I have plans.

As always, comments, suggestions, ideas, they're all appreciated.

And thanks for the encouragement.