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New story to be posted this coming week

September 26, 2011
Posted at 6:30 pm

I have six chapters of "The Joshua Tree" finished so far. It is far from done but I will be posting the first five chapters within a week. Once again I am assuming that the reader has already read Jake #2 and/or #3 before taking this one on as it assumes a certain familiarity with the Philippines. The descriptions for these things are included in the Threads and I didn't want to repeat them in this one. So anyone who reads 1. this first and 2. doesn't understand what I am talking about and 3. gives me a low score because of that... well what I wish for them is that Lorena Bobbit does her specialty of them.

The story is not in any way directly liked to Jake. For those readers who like to be adventurous, and are too lazy to read the other stories, using such things as google it is possible to learn what Jeepney is, or a Filipino Tricycle, or what Cebuano is. The story can then be read on its own, I guess. But there will still be stuff you don't understand and don't blame me. This story is for those who already know my work.