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Ghosts of Niagara done, maybe a Waifs this week

September 21, 2011
Posted at 5:46 pm

I always find it interesting what reaction things get. My giving the Taylor stories a new overarching series title has I think brought in new readers, going by the sudden burst in downloads. On the other hand, the new story which does NOT have Taylor in the title isn't being read nearly as much as previous stories. I have no idea where the 800 or so fans of Taylor Con went. They must be at a convention :)

Regardless, I've finished the new story and with luck the series. Time to play with new characters. I'm going to try and get a chapter of The Waifs out this week, but promises. If it's not done and sent to the editor by early Friday afternoon it'll have to wait until next week, as my weekend is looking full. (I'm turning 42, if anyone wants to give me a gift by raising the rating of JODIE a bit)