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'Spaceship' News

September 19, 2011
Posted at 8:15 pm

If I thought the process of preparing 'Spaceship' for electronic publishing was long and tedious, preparing it for POD has been 10 times worse. However, it's there at last.

Firstly, though, a hundred thousand 'thank yous' to everyone who has bought an electronic copy of the book. While it's by no means a best-seller, sales are steadily growing. I thank you.

As I say, the POD version is now available from Amazon, as is a Kindle version. It's a large book (570pp) and neither the publisher or I have any control over costs. As a result, the price is somewhat more than I sould have ideally liked. It retails at $24.99. Direidi Publihing and I were aware that we would have to charge more than normal so have spent a good deal of time and effort ensuring that you will get a quality product which you will be proud to display on your bookshelves. It is, of course, also a damn good read.

You can link diretly to the book here...

The Kindle version, btw, retails at $5.96. And remember that it's published under my other nom de plume - Harrison Park,

In other news today....
Actually, there isn't any other news. I've been working half-heartedly on a couple of projects but have been disheartened by the slow progress of the POD. Now that that's finished, I hope to regain my enthusiasm and settle down to some serious writing. (I think I may have said similar words before. Ah, but hope springs eternal.)

I'll leave you with a little pome....

A writer of stories called Wellingham,
Believed he was quite good at telling 'em.
So he went to press,
With hopes of success,
But, sadly, had no luck in selling 'em.

(Not, strictly, true but it amused me.)