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No news

September 19, 2011
Posted at 10:22 am
Updated: October 5, 2011 - 10:45 pm

They say that no news is good news. I guess that depends on your outlook.

In my case, the reason there has been no news is because the publishing thing is going very well.

That is thanks to you. And that is because so many of you encouraged me to try that.

But it takes a prodigious amount of time to prep a book for publishing. If there is incest in the book, it must be disguised somehow, because almost nobody will publish incest. Those who do insist that all incestuous relationships be between consenting adults. That kind of leaves out a lot of my stuff, unless I take the time to rewrite it, upping the ages of the women.

Underage sex, for that matter is taboo in the publishing world. Even though it is NOT illegal to publish stories in which sixteen year olds have sex (at least in the U.S.A.) they go to almost humorous lengths to avoid publishing something like that.

Take for instance Pinocchio. Who is a completely ficticous cartoon type character. In my rendition of that story, he was made by Gepetto and then, within a year or two, went out and had sex. So, naturally, somebody at Amazon decided that that meant a one year old was having sex and they banned the book.

Once I put a line in there that the wood Gepetto made him from had been cured for eighteen years ... they were satisfied and published the book.

But because the books are doing so well, and because I'm getting old and may have to depend on that income in the next few years, I feel like it's important to get as many of the books published as I can.

But then I'll go back to writing new stuff for my SOL family to read. I promise. Actually, I have four or five new books half written.

So thank you for your support and encouragement. And thanks for your patience.