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One more try

September 17, 2011
Posted at 8:35 pm
Updated: September 19, 2011 - 8:18 pm

In the story description, I call "The Nervous Princess" a personal favorite "because it was so much fun to write." That's as may be, but I've also reswritten it more than any of my other stories. Today I posted the tenth version of the story - that is, version 1.90. Everything is essentially the same, but some things were keeping me dissatisfied months after the original post. And all for a story that gets maybe five hits a week. But I want it perfect, and I think it's done for the time being.

Now on to the new. I've started a Halloween story with Danielle, my little exhibitionist, who has proven to be a popular character. I hope to have it up in time for the holiday. It's sort of a nude "Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."