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New, probably last, Taylor story in the works

September 16, 2011
Posted at 9:25 pm

It had always been somewhat the plan to take a break after chapter 14 of The Waifs, let it sit a bit. The next part of the saga is different in tone, and now that we're probably past the half way point I don't want to rush. I will get one chapter out next week, though, as this is a bad place to make you readers sit and wait.


I have been toying with a prequel to the Taylor stories. Today, after work, I wrote two lines, let it sit, came back, looked at it... and move the curser up and started writing a framing sequence. Over a page plopped out immediately, and this will keep me occupied this weekend me thinks if I can keep away from distractions. This will, most likely, be the LAST story with these characters. If I want to leave them in a happy place, that is, and I do.

I'll probably also go and organize the stories into an official "series", just for the fun of it. Any suggestions on an over all title, apart from just "Taylor" given in fact she's not really the main character, are welcome for either consideration or mocking.