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Bad porn is hard

September 15, 2011
Posted at 10:11 pm

I am very proud of the readers who have given my latest story low scores. A part of me had feared an intentionally comedic tale would would be graded as if it was a failed serious story, but I also feared it would get all 10's and massive downloads. As it looks now it'll be ranked well below Jodi, which probably is a good thing.

As for why I did it, a reader had replied to my half serious end note saying posting three chapters a week resulted in fewer readers by suggesting people were bailing now that it was clear there wouldn't be teen orgies. I figured I'd give those people at least something to read. Plus, once I mentioned the plot line to my editor he said I had to write it. It was either that, or go with plan B of finding a story to go with the title "A Guy and a Girl Totally Do It". I'll let another author use that one, though.