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September 9, 2011
Posted at 9:58 am

Fixing Typos & What's Up Next?

I've completed reviewing and fixing typos for 'Revenge Inc' up to and including Chapter 12. I'd received quite a few notes for fixes from readers and now have them all incorporated in the updated story.

Working on Chapters 13 - End today.

If you find any more typos, send them to me and I'll start a new bug fix list (if I can't fix it on the spot).

Next new story... Wyldewood!
I've been tinkering with notes for 3-4 stories over the last week but I've mostly decided that the new Wyldewood story will come next.

No new writing time this week or next, until next Thursday, after which my free time should significantly improve until early October.

Wyldewood had been on hold for over a year mostly due to some plot problems that I couldn't resolve until just this week! Now I know how the story will go... and I'll start getting it on paper next week :)