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The Package Deal - coming to completion

September 6, 2011
Posted at 4:05 pm

There are (I think) two chapters yet to be posted. One is written and now in the hands of my editor, Grisbuff, who will make a diligent but ultimately futile effort to find all my errors myriad as they are. He will find many but it's like pulling dandelions from a lawn. It is an effort in humility as there is no way to get them all.

The Package Deal is about just that, the nature of the what the Package Deal is to the narrator, Dulcinea. Her life will go on after the deal has been fulfilled in all aspects.

Their are other lives and other threads. As in any story with any character development, there must be stories left untold. Each might be a story in itself, but the lives of Gel, Nic2, Rose and Lily will remain untold. While I guess it could be expanded, this story was never intended to be a 'War and Peace' epic.