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CONTEST: Be immortalized in my story?

September 5, 2011
Posted at 4:07 pm
Updated: September 5, 2011 - 5:13 pm

I think most people identify with a character in the story they are reading.

What if you found a character that was so much like you, it was you?

This would most likely be a cameo character, but it could be recurring.

The rules are simple:

Send me an email with the answers to the following questions through the feedback link provided. If I accept you I will base a character around you and what your answers were to be included in Family Feud III.

I will not be announcing the names of the winners to protect their anonymity.


In three paragraphs or less give me a first name, and physical description as it might appear in the story. If you work/go to school what kind of study/job, Age, skin tone, how you dress, how you carry yourself, height, build, the works. .


Answer for me that you understand I am using this likeness in a provocative work of fiction and by entering this contest you implicitly give me permission to use it, and that you expect to retain no copyright or compensation. You are entering the contest with the understanding I will not reveal your last name or email address.

you also affirm, it is legal for you to enter this contest, and to read my stories in your country, and that you understand this is all just for fun/the joy of writing/being creative.

You also understand you do not have final editorial control over the story and or your characters action in the story and are completely cool with this being my decision.


Have you read Family Feud I, II, and III? and if so what is your favorite chapter and why?

*Note: it is not required to have read all of the stories, but it would help if you want to read the chapter you are in.

I have posted a 'companion' in Family Feud III that helps get the reader up to speed if you'd like to use it as a crib sheet.


How would you like to be introduced into the story? As a neighbor? co-worker of Wendy? Student/teacher at the school? Stranger who happens by at a store?


Hypothetical: You are a neighbor who lives nearby the Taylor house. You see the girls washing a large black truck wearing only thongs, with sponges attached to their butt and hands.

What do you do?

QUESTION SIX: You are a co-worker of Wendy's, you suspect she has been up to kinky activities when she is shut away in her office.

What does your alter-ego do?

QUESTION SEVEN: You work at a burger king, and you are taking out the trash behind the dumpster. Wendy and Jamie are handcuffed to the dumpster with their skirts around their ankles. They tell you they are waiting for their (Husband/son or father/brother respectively) to finish eating.

What would your alter-ego in the story do next?

QUESTION EIGHT: Give me a three paragraph or less idea about how you'd most likely participate in the story going forward.