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State of The Waifs

September 3, 2011
Posted at 9:55 pm

Well, another week is over so time for some news for those of you foolish enough to read a blog. First, my editor SciFi Nut is recovering from surgery nicely, or so he says. He won't be back on the job till Tuesday, but with luck I'll be able to start posting then. The next chapter is finished, and I have two more after that fleshed out. If you're wondering how long this story will go... I'm guessing less then 30 chapters. Give or take :)

The Waifs got a nice review posted, which with luck will bring in new readers. We're up over 1100 now and growing slowly, and even stayed on the top download list for the week thanks to the timing of the chapter posts. The Taylor stories are also getting some new readers, although nobody has mailed me about them in some time. I enjoy mail. It makes me feel special.

Toying with the idea of a prequel to the Taylor stories, which would be Taylor free. Or a stand alone story. We'll see.

Thanks for your time.