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Real life imitates Story - part 23

September 3, 2011
Posted at 5:09 pm

I write about Kyle's search for a new car. Two weeks later guess what I'm doing? Yeah... looking for a new car. My mechanic told me Wednesday that he found bits of metal in the oil pan when he changed the oil. He thinks it is part of the crankshaft. Oh well, the car was 11 years old and had a 146,000 miles on it. At least the research I did for Kyle is useful in real life.

I want to reply to one correspondent who wrote me with a question, but sent the message anonymously. He (or she) wrote to ask if there would be more stories in the series. Contrary to what I posted on my ASSTR page four years ago, "Lost and Found" is not the final story in the Life in Paradise series. Obviously, I changed my mind since I posted that four years ago. I posted "Paying the Price" and "Innocence Lost" since then.

I have another finished short story that I may post as is, or I may expand into a longer story. I have not decided yet. I have a few other ideas for the series too. You could call some of these ideas Life in Paradise: The Next Generation. I also have two or three other, non-Life in Paradise ideas I would like to pursue.

I expect to wrap up "Lost and Found" in three or four chapters plus the epilogue. One thing I do not plan to do is follow Kyle and Penny through their professional lives. I know the couple will pop into future stories, similar to the way Jon & Amy, Justin & Sherry and Will & Abby have in the past few stories.

Doug Fox