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Please Review My Stories

September 1, 2011
Posted at 2:18 pm

I seldom get feedback on my stories.

When I do it is usually quality, constructive feedback from other authors which I really appreciate. It is very flattering!

If you are a reviewer on here, I would love to have you review my Family Feud series. You may have to change your 'settings' to unfiltered access to see them if you don't already.

I think Family Feud I is very different from the first two. It is fem-dom, where the other two are more the payback and evolution to the girls who were dommes in the first story.

It establishes them as not exactly villains, but not perfect people either.

I try to stress the evolution they all undergo as I tell the story.

However, aside from the really wonderful comments of a few dedicated friends I seldom hear from my readers. I know someone read it, because Family Feud III has close to 6,000 downloads and the first have close to that as well.

I've gone back and edited them for grammar mistakes several times, so even if you read them a long time ago it may be worth a re-look.

The only caveat to reviewing it, whether you want to send me a private note or post a review on SOL is that please be constructive.

"You suck, you fail at writing" is not constructive. I don't want nasty-grams or smoke blown up my ass to stroke my ego. Just be honest, but be fair.