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Mixed Reactions to the story (Chapter 35)

August 31, 2011
Posted at 3:18 pm

I won't do it here, due simply to space considerations, but I got a bunch of interesting responses to this chapter, and I've put some of them up on the discussion board in order to see if I could get my readers talking about the issues. There are some strong views, both pro and con, and if you are interested in where the story is headed (from a perspective point of view, instead of detail), it may be worth your time to read it.

The discussion can be found at:!topic/the-catalyst-discussion-group/yPIBEmKTaM4/

Just enter that into your browser (since the Blogs here don't support html links. You'll need to sign into Google Groups, but I don't require you to sign into my discussion group. You will be warned it's an "Adult" discussion, though.

Just to give a brief overview, for those of you not decided about checking it out yet. The first two responses make a decided case for Alex's being not just an "asshole", but an "ASSHOLE!" (in all caps).

It's nice to know that the story evokes such strong sentiments. As always I try to take each letter seriously and I review the issues to see if I can help the story or clarify anything. However, I posted these snippets simply to provoke some discussions on the topic, so I'll wait a bit before I post my own responses to the letters.

I also provided some alternate views, concerning my writing, and even one favorable view of my writing, and one guess about what may be coming in the story. Overall I think it will be entertaining.

Again, I don't mean this to be a tease. The only reason I didn't include them here was because of space and formatting constraints.

As always, keep those postcards and letters coming (anyone remember those?). I'll try to respond to each one, whether pro or con.