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A 'Waifs' milestone

August 30, 2011
Posted at 5:33 pm

I'm posting chapter 9 of the Waifs one day after finishing and posting chapter 8. Why, you may ask, was I able to do this, especially since it's longer then the other chapters.

Well, there's two reasons.

The first is that the first half came in a dream. Well, almost dream. As I lay down last night, wondering how the hell the actual big attack I had been leading my characters to would actually work, the entire sequence of events came to my mind. I often have to mull things over for a day or two, but this came out in one stream. I literally just had to sit down today and put it down over a couple hours.

As for the second reason... I literally have been waiting 15, 20 years to get the second half of this story out of my head. Whether it was worth it will be up to each individual reader, but for me it's the first milestone, the first way station in this story. Now I can work towards the next, and the next... and have some hope of reaching them.

I hope you'll come along for the ride.

On a side note, my editor SciFi Nut (who's main job is to change my 'then's into 'than's) is getting rotator cuff surgery tomorrow. I wish him luck, and will try to make twice as many mistakes so he can exorcise that wrist!