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To 1000+ readers: thank you

August 18, 2011
Posted at 11:29 pm

The fifth chapter of The Waifs has been read by a touch over a thousand readers in the past couple days. To you all, my thanks. I wish I could put chapters out faster, but things come up and I'm not one to just bang one of these out. For example, if I rushed I could get part 6 done before my editor takes his usual weekend off, but it wouldn't be good. Not saying that's not going to happen at some point, we all have an off day, but for the most part I try to avoid it.

(as for why I can get a four part Taylor story done in a week, I don't even consider starting to post until it's all worked out mentally. Plus, it's a much smaller main cast... or was ^_^)

Chapter 6 probably Monday, and with luck as I'm off from work with no real plans until the weekend more will get written and posted as well. We'll see.

Just thought of a contest- whoever brings the most new readers to the story gets to name a character who'll get brutally murdered by Lessa. No idea how to judge it, but we'll worry about that later!