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Dr. Simon Armitage and Trudi Maclean

August 18, 2011
Posted at 3:47 am
Updated: August 18, 2011 - 12:14 pm

1) I really need a proof-reader, for which I have a volunteer who has fixed a mountain of errors for me, and which will lead to a new version uploading soon once I know how to refer to him/them/her/whatever.

2) Sandi. Sorry about that. I used to write a lot about someone called Sandi, and I got used to typing that pattern of letters, so I promise to use search-replace more on that one.

3) The future. I got a lot of feedback on this, all positive, so Simon and Trudi will be back...

4) To all those who read, wrote, and voted, my sincere thanks. It's been tough getting into writing again, the act is still tough for me, and it's good to know it was okay.

5) To those who commented it was over too soon - I was worried that it wasn't up to snuff, and didn't want to continue with it until I knew it was something others were interested in which, from the number of votes/reads, you seem to be.

6) The future - will be told as and when I can. I want to take this slow, not rush, and keep it believable as possible.

7) If anyone has a 14 year old daughter who enjoys the games Trudi does with her private English tutor please get in touch.