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August 17, 2011
Posted at 10:21 am

SOL as a force for good. And other updates

Hello world. It's a gorgeous morning in Miami. Sun is up and the sky is blue. I have such a wonderful view from the 15th floor. I'm sitting on my balcony, with my my lap. Got a bowl of fresh fruit that I'm munching on. Spike is purring away on one of the chairs. A flock of small pelicans just glided past us in a perfect V formation. What a great visual. Surreal.

I just heard from a young woman in California who I was communicating with through SOL, as she'd read several of my stories. Through our conversations, it seemed like she had no direction and was just going from day to day. (At 19, who isn't, right?) One of the things I talked to her about was the value of going to school and how she didn't have to give up her (somewhat unconventional) social life to do it. Unfortunately there were some hard feelings between us (I seem to do that to people) and we stopped talking but I just now heard from her and she shared with me that she's taken my advice and enrolled at a local community college, which has me feeling really, really good. Of course, I wish her nothing but the best. A life changed for the better, that would not have happened without SOL. A force for good.

Speaking of school, my last semester starts next week and I'm excited about finally finishing my undergraduate program. I begin my MBA in the spring.

Last weekend was fun and busy. I took an all-day kayaking trip one day, went sky diving another, and went to a fetish party on Saturday night, where I did my Mistress Chandra act. What made it more fun is that I went out of my way to make friends with the Asian Dominatrix I was having trouble with. Now I can relax and enjoy these parties all the more. "Taste my whip, sweetie!"

I went to a massage parlor with my older friend Freddie and we both got a happy ending from the same girl, at the same session, which was sexy fun. I tried starting a little story about it but I just can't seem to get into writing at the moment. I've also have a half finished tennis-themed porn story sitting here but...same problem. Just not feeling it.

My relationship with my friends Freddie and Beverly has changed in the last year. For people who are familiar with my background, you know it's been a very unusual and complex relationship and since I started changing, so has the nature of our relationship. They're both such wonderful people and I love them so much and Beverly fully understands but I have to manage Freddie and his ego. Men!

I caught up with the movie, "Inception". It took me 3 viewings but I finally figured out what was going on. Seriously interesting film. Supposedly, the effects were created without CGI. Wow.

I'll be 21 in a month. Not sure how I feel about that. Mixed emotions, to be sure.

So that's it. Having lots of good, clean, healthy fun.

Have a wonderful and sexy day,