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New Blood Pact Chapters

August 15, 2011
Posted at 1:12 pm

So, it's been a little while but I've finally gotten around to finishing chapter 14. Hope you'll all be able to forgive me for the wait.

With luck, we won't find ourselves in that situation again. I plan to keep writing steadily, but at a more manageable pace, from now on so that I can finish at least one chapter a week. Because of the sometimes long delays between submission and approval, I can't guarantee they'll always be available on that schedule, but fear not, this story has not been forgotten.

I will keep going forward until it is finished. How long that is going to be, I can't really say. I do know how everything is eventually going to play out, but things are a bit fluid at the moment. Some of the details undoubtedly change as I go along. Some parts which are quite short in my outline might end up being quite a bit longer in the final version. We'll just have to be patient and see how things shake down.

Thanks to everyone who's read so far and I hope you will stay with me until the end. There is more sex, more intrigue, and more underhandedness yet to come. I think you'll like how it turns out.