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August 13, 2011
Posted at 6:56 am

Hi all,
Thanks for all the emails. Know a lot of you guys want more stories from me but you know i've never been able to mass produce my stuff. Rather the opposite. I try not to write the same story but come up with new concepts that i go over in re-edits of my old work. However, i'm always grateful for positive emails from you.

That said I've just posted a new one - Bulled Black. It's an initially reluctant, wife blacking story you'll hopefully enjoy. Tried to focus it on the mental side as much as the sex. For blatant, white pussy fucking Brides is still king.

Been doing some work for illustrated interracial, including a short comic suitable story called Owned that takes very, very slightly from Bulled black. Hoping it gets picked for illustration.

Thanks again all.
Keep those ideas coming.