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NIS Story Wish list

August 8, 2011
Posted at 2:29 pm

I've been reading "Naked in School" stories popping up.

I think they are neat, but the premise always bothers me.
I can't picture educators saying "You know what will help things? Let's have teenagers get naked and play with each other's bodies at school."

Here is my wish list if someone who writes NIS would like to try a slightly different version of the genre:

(Any/or all of these ideas would be welcome)

1- Really spend some time on the justification for the new rules and have a few educators who seem far more skeptical of it's benefits.

Extoll it's virtues at a parent teacher conference or PTA meeting where parents ask the questions that the reader might be asking and answer them (With examples) for instance.

Have people question the wisdom of the program and then come to understand it's relative plus and minuses.

"See, Teen Pregnancy has gone down since we instituted oral sex friday" or whatever. I can come up with some good reasons for the program, but I never read them int he story.

I can picture some characters seeing the good outweighing the bad in order to accept it, but I guess for me without the plausibility of any of those things being questioned what actually happens in the story isn't as enjoyable.

2- Don't make all the students so naive. I feel like Cindy Brady is waddling around these high schools going "Tee hee, whats a penis?". Give me some more streetwise kids who've seen Jersy Shore and all that MTV stuff.

3-Base it on Degrassi, I don't care what generation of the show. That would make an interesting story. Holly J's reaction to the new dress code would be worth reading!

4- Do more blackmail/darker themes. Everyone is kind of like "Oh in art class we are sitting on dildos? sounds great!"

I'd love to see a little more BDSM mixed into things. A shop teacher who makes little tie up racks and needs models for his display, corporal punishment, etc.

I think if they are just extroverts who want to run around naked, it is less humiliating and fun to read.

5- Have some students rebel from it, show what happens when they do. It's like a prison story. you need one failed escape attempt in the start of the story in order to make the main characters enduring the hardships of the prison that more interesting.