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New posting

August 5, 2011
Posted at 9:37 am

I normally start posting a new story on a Monday. There is no particular reason for that, other than Monday is the beginning of the work week. And a lot of my early stories were two and three chapters long, so I could post a chapter every other day and be finished in a week.

But I finished just a story and got it ready for upload, and was impatient to start posting it and, since it has four chapters, decided to post chapter one on a Friday. That way I can post the remaning three chapters on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the next week.

So that's why I'm not acting normal. People worry about me, what with my advanced age and all. And when I start doing things differently, they seem to be concerned that I've had a stroke or some such thing.

But it's just impatience to put what I did in front of you. So don't worry.

And don't worry that the male protagonist in this new story, which is called "Helping Bobby Learn" is not my usual kind of male protagonist. He's a little bit predatory. But he's polite about it, if a bit devious. I was going to say it's a little like the shark saying to the smaller fish: "May I eat you please? I'm sure you'll like it." But that's not a good analogy at all. So I won't suggest that.

Thanks for reading.