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The "No-No" Anti-PC Brigade

August 3, 2011
Posted at 4:21 pm
Updated: August 3, 2011 - 4:24 pm

Well, most of the responses I've received to Chapter 31 hasn't been about the plot, the characters or the direction of the story. Instead it's been that I painted Clara, Alex's newest 'find' to be a FOX listener. They take my depiction of her as evidence that I'm trying to make the story (already 47 chapters in) into a political discourse.

Instead what I'm trying to show is a single individual who gets by by picking up the ideas of others without thinking about them objectively. I have her repeat several views from several different sources as if they were the 'gospel truth'. Alex's fear isn't that she's a Republican, but that she's unable to think for herself and, as he says (though I can't remember if he says it here or in the next chapter) "if I don't resurrect her dear departed brother she's likely to turn Judas on me".

I figured this was likely to be a flashpoint with several people, and I was right. But I figure it's because that's the state that political discourse has reached in the US. Anyone who says anything about whichever side you position yourself on is wrong, regardless of what they say. The politicians of both parties are much more concerned with getting people arguing about minor issues like birth control and gay marriage rather than having them focus on how little they are accomplishing and how they are quickly selling the whole country down the tubes. Nowadays, simply mentioning the FOX network in anything other than laudatory prose is enough to get you damned.

This if fiction folks. In creative stories, people play lots of different roles and they come from different places. None of these should be taken as me, the author, saying I only listen to the far-left and that I'm against anything anyone else may say. That's what I refer to as the new "anti-PC" brigade. That's all those people who a few years ago were upset of being PC (Politically Correct), but who are now just as PC, but in reverse, where anything anyone says about anyone they like is akin to blasphemy. Well, if that's your position, you'll notice how I've responded to religion in general. So don't expect me to view your favorite leaders with the same religious zeal you do.

I'm assuming you don't see yourselves in the other things that Clara said, about her use of the N word, or about Obama being a Muslim, so why should you assume I'm attacking you because the character talks about the FOX network?

And no, you aren't going to get me to shut up just because you threaten to stop reading. Such an attitude is extremely childish and shows a inability to deal with opposing viewpoints. Not everything has to agree with you in every way. This is a fictional story and it has fictional characters in it that say fictional things. Get over it already.

Now, if you'd like to attack the story, or how I put it together, then feel free to attack me. But just don't do it because of the few trigger words I use in the story.