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August 3, 2011
Posted at 2:14 pm

I went skydiving..fuck what a rush!

So no more drunk driving at 140 mph. No picking up tourists on Miami Beach. No performing my school girl strip tease at sexy parties. (Orgies is an ugly word.) No peeing in my Uncle Robert's face. (OK, that was a fantasy.) Certainly no Navy Seal stuff, because that was a totally bad idea, as Just This Guy pointed out. (Me and military discipline? Right.) No more motorcycles, after having 2 friends wipe out badly (one dead and one crippled). And no more 14 year old girls. (I hope you're well, Ariel.) OK, I am doing Mistress Chandra for the "Beat me" set but while that's fun, it's not adrenalin thrills, so what's a girl to do for a rush?

Why jump out of airplanes at 12,000 feet and experience almost a minute of free fall! YEEHAHHH!!!

Jumping into space with Miami and Biscayne Bay for a view. Oh. My. God! It was incredible. I couldn't wait till I could go back up and do it again. This was so much more cool than going to classes today.

My SOL friend Christopher from London suggested I try this a long time ago but I finally got around to it. CHRIS!!! HOLY SHIT!!! IT WAS FANTASTIC. I'M STILL HIGH. WHAT A RUSH. I SAY, GOD DAMN, GOD DAMN!!

We return control of your senses to yourselves. You may resume reading the latest blog about the latest posting of chapter 216 of book 9, except it's being delayed because my editor is jerking off too much from Chandra's stories. (That's why we're here sweetie.)

Sky high, Chandra