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New Taylor coming probably

August 2, 2011
Posted at 8:32 pm

Well, as noted my very appreciated editor is away for the week so I'm taking the chance to step back from The Waifs for a bit. No worries, I'll probably have a chapter at least done and waiting for him Monday. However, a third story about Taylor and friends has bubbled up. Much as was the case with the second one, I knew plot wise what came next in their lives but that a story did not make. However, a stand alone idea I had has turned into something the characters would like to take part in so that's what I'm writing now. Not sure if I'll post it as one big chunk, or break it up into chapters to try and artificially up the download count. My Taylor fan base stands at 700, with 840 reading the last Waifs chapter. Who knows what the overlap is...