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Adventures of our fearless author

July 31, 2011
Posted at 10:43 am

Well... fearless, sort of.

I got home safely from my two weeks out west backpacking in the Rockies. The trip was fantastic. I'm healthy and safe, mostly. Somehow I managed to sprain my ankle loading my pack into the van at the Philly airport on the way home, so I'm limping a bit.

I have good news for everyone who was disappointed to have to wait until the end of August for Chapter 83 of Lost and Found. I managed to wrap up the chapter in the few days I've been home. Editing should be complete by next weekend. Look for me to post it Saturday night or sometime next Sunday. I'm off in a few minutes for a week down on the Chesapeake. I can't wait. I hope everyone is having as good a summer as I am.

Doug Fox