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Thought-provoking stories

July 29, 2011
Posted at 3:03 pm

I gather it's a classic among artists: Do you rehash old themes to create works that make the average consumer happy, or do you try new, innovative things that may be disturbing and unpleasant, if not inaccessible to most? And those who labor to earn a living all too often have to do the former because that's what earns money.

As an amateur with no ambitions of ever earning a penny, I am free! If I sort my 55-odd stories by score, I can see which ones get higher scores: happy tales of happy sex with happy endings. Pedophilic stories fare just fine, presumably because the people who don't like them don't read them. Happy pedophilic stories get good scores, while disturbing ones lag. Downloads work similarly, though the pedophilic stories tend to get fewer downloads.

So I've just posted a matched pair of stories, "Dead Men, Dumb Boys" and "Dead Women, Dumb Girls" which aren't very happy. They follow societies where the only members left in the world of one gender or the other are profoundly retarded children and teens. I find them erotic to some extent myself, but I was more interested in taking a premise and following it through than aiming for hot sex scenes.

As one comment on "Dead Women" put it, "Just like masturbating with a warm, articulated fuck pillow. It's not all bad." There's more there for me. We hug and smile at and coo at babies who are really very limited cognitively, because we love them and know those are things that make them happy. So I imagine sex in these imaginary worlds: the girl (or boy) may be retarded, but she is still there, and is still experiencing pleasure. Since the girls can't form attachments, the boys are free to indulge their natural tendency to have sex with lots of different girls. And if you can swallow the premise and put yourself in the shoes of the people who live in the world, it seems (to me) beautiful in its own way.

So these stories are mostly for those who like to take unusual SciFi premises and see where they lead.

More strangeness is on the way in the stories I'm working on; the light, happy and fluffy will be along later, I suspect.