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July 29, 2011
Posted at 10:29 am

Anonymous feedback and response

At last, some feedback!

Those that included an e-mail address, I responded to... but this one was anonymous:

It's a sick fantasy. People who like snuff stories
(write them and read them for pleasure) have

Hope you have something better to post in the

Hm...Okay, did I forget to check the "snuff" box? Nope. The story is clearly listed as "Snuff."

Now, I'm guessing that this person, might just be one of those that gave me ones or twos, in the scoring.

What does it say about YOU, Mr/s Anonymous, that you clicked the link, and read my little tale?

I wonder if you felt guilty after coming over a 209 word flash story?

Did you read the blog post about "Anything?"
I'm guessing, no.

Thank You, for the feedback, though. And I'll gladly refund your purchase price, for the story. Just send me your bank info, including the PIN.